A short note on confidence

You know what can make or break the trajectory of your success? Confidence.

⭐️ The confidence to know that you’ll nail a workout.
⭐️ The confidence to set a big, scary goal and just *know* that you’ll get there.
⭐️ The confidence to own who you are and the choices you make.
⭐️ The confidence to ask for what you need.

No one can give this to you. It is either inherent in your personality, or it is self-taught. For many like myself, it is the latter. And teaching yourself to be confident can be really freakin’ tough. I’m usually not a fan of the saying “fake it ’till you make it,” but when speaking about having confidence, I think you must first learn to at least portray an image of confidence. Even if you don’t truly feel confident, learning to carry yourself as if you were is a great first step.

It can also be helpful to have a mantra (or two) that you remind yourself of when you’re feeling less-than. Things like “I can do this,” “I’ve put in the work,” “I have the results to back it up,” and “I’m worthy of being here” have been great personal reminders when I’m feeling less-than confident in a race, or before a large work meeting.

But man, if I’ve learned anything in the past 2 years it’s that confidence can truly change how successful you are. When I approach a work meeting with confidence I suddenly can command more attention. People take me more seriously. If I go into a race or workout with confidence, I’ve found that nearly every time I’ve nailed my splits and had an easier time pushing past any mental barriers that come up.

Have the confidence in yourself that you are enough, and then leverage that to chase after what you want.

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6 thoughts on “A short note on confidence”

  1. Like you, I was self taught. I’m naturally a very shy person, so it’s tough to carry myself as a confident person. I’ll get there- slowly, but surely 😉

    1. Totally get that! Once you start establishing that habit it will only get easier from there 🙂

      Thanks for stopping in and reading, Erika!

  2. How true, Jenna! Confidence has always been something that i struggle with, but I’ve really been working on it!

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