Hello - I'm Jenna! I’m a German Catholic from small-town Ohio where I live with my husband Matt, our three children, and our Shih Tzu, Zoey. Alia Marie is 6, Alexander is 4, and Annaliese is 2.

I’ve been running basically my entire life. I started CYO XC all the way back in kindergarten. I continued through high school, and then ran for 3 years at The University of Toledo. I took a 6 yr hiatus from running after that. I was fighting constant injury and burnt out.

Fast forward to 2017. After the birth of my youngest I decided I was ready to recommit to my relationship with running. Now I’m hungrier than ever to achieve some big running goals. Since then I've tackled 2 marathons and a few half marathons, and qualified for the 2020 Boston Marathon.

I work full time as a Web Designer & Developer for a digital marketing agency. I’m crazy passionate about my career. I thrive on design, troubleshooting, and code. When I finally find the time, I'll actually custom design and develop this blog of mine. But for now, this will have to do ;).

I've always been passionate about this sport and helping others reach their running goals. My long term plan is to become a certified run coach and instill my passion and drive into others.

In my spare time I’m usually reading or binging on a good podcast. My favorite podcasts are The Ringer's Binge Mode and #askgaryvee. I’m also a massive Harry Potter fan!

jenna schultz and family

My PRs

5k - 18:23 (2008)
6k - 23:13 (2008)
Half Marathon - 1:36:45 (2018)
Marathon - 3:24:34 (2019)

My long-term goal is to beat my pre-kiddos PRs. Follow my journey on Instagram as I chase these dreams!