Make Peace with Where You’re at Now; Stop the Comparison

Stop comparing your current self to yourself at a different stage in your life. Comparison is the thief of joy.

You guys, I struggle with this. Every damn day.

Why do we do this? Self-sabotaging our own happiness? Because you guys, that’s all comparison does. Whether we’re comparing ourselves to someone else, or to our previous selves.

When I first resumed my new chapter of running after having my third child I was absolutely crippled by the comparisons I made to my former self. I was slower, squishier, less-than. That’s what I told myself. I was embarrassed to post my running times because I equated my fitness to my self-worth. I wondered what my college teammates would think of me. Of how slow I was.

Crazy, right? I just had a baby. I shouldn’t be able to run fast. But there I was, crying because I could barely run/walk a mile at an 11 minute pace. And I thought that meant I was worth less than I was at my fittest. And that is an absolute lie.

I know I’m not alone in this struggle. Especially you moms out there. I see you. Wondering if you’ll ever look like you did pre-baby.

We need to give ourselves grace in all aspects of our lives. Maybe you did a better job at keeping your house clean last year. Maybe you used to eat healthier, but lately you’ve been struggling. Whatever it is that you feel like you used to do better or be better at… remember that it does not define you.

Instead, let’s judge ourselves on what type of person we are. On how much effort we’re putting into what we’re currently doing. On how great of a friend, spouse, parent, etc. that we are.

How you were at your best doesn’t define you. And how you were at your worst doesn’t define you. Your accomplishments don’t define you.

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